Massage in Tenerife

Massage is not just for Body

The body just helps to transmit the sensations for the Soul!

 When I have my client on massage table, I already love that body like mine! Because, our bodies connects, and I can transmit beautiful feelings to other person ( The Soul), for the inner centric part in the body! That beautiful life sources! 

I believe that we are the Magical Souls  who wants to experience this world with  the Human Body! That’s why The Body in soooo special and unique! It is so smart, and can tell us a lot, if we do something good to him or treat bad!

Emotions for body is like a food- if they are good- body will be healthy, if they are negative- body will get ‘’sick’’.   If your already know how the Stress affects you in physical way –  (tight muscles in neck, shallow breathing, headache…) you already can help by yourself! CHANGING ENVIROMENT! Giving different ‘’food’’ to your body- good VIBES!:)

Body and soul HUG

This  unique massage is my masterpiece😊

The main thing- you will feel totally full fill with love,  relaxed in the body and mind and  you will  gain a lot of new knowledges about yourself!  

Focus are on several body parts for a reason– ,

  • buttoks, tissue tension can cause similar pain like with lumbar protrusion
  • abdominal area, intraabdomilal tension can cause backpain, and even headache
  • and chest part, tenssion can affect breathing
  • inner thighs- important because of lymphatic sistem and that goes in to stomach!

These areas are mainly important for all body and mind health!

Usually in most massages these parts are SKIPPED! OMG! We are talking about health, so it cannot be skipped! 


After session you will receive all information about yourself (guarantee, u don’t know a half of that) , I will send u a videos with cool techniques so you can help your body!

€88 (1.45 hour)

My magical masterpiece

Feminine healing session

It’s a tantric massage session, full body massage, where all the body goes in the story with meditation/ therapy … 

  • All the back part is our PAST, you as a Baby, Girl, teenager… so all emotional memories, painful experiences, traumas can be raised up! To look again, but with a different mind. I will guide you through with specific meditation and your visions will come instantly.  Meanwhile I will massage all the body back part. The process will tell us the next things…


  • Frontal body part is NOW and the FUTURE. You as a WOMAN! All experiences that u can receive in ‘’this moment’’ NOW! And you can feel all beautiful, BECAUSE you are adult now, and you are not anymore that small kid with all thoughts ‘’I’m not good enough ‘’! ‘’I cannot receive it now, because it’s just for special moments’’! ‘’I’m not worth it’’etc.  In this moment happens the transmission, replacing past moments with new ones!


Massage elements and techniques are special, because it’s based on body memory, where was the trauma, and in session it releases! This massage also includes womb healing- inner massage! But not always!!! And I always ask  in session, ‘’ are you ready also for inner massage?’’  For women its really SACRED part, and it hides a lot of memories, emotions, blocks…  sexual, labor, physical and emotional stability, thoughts about herself and a man! Also special breathing helps in the process.

€259 (1.5 – 2 hours)

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